Morbi History

It’s called once in Morbi, There were rivers of Milk and Ghee(Butter). This mean Morbi was too prosperous. On that time Morbi was among the Strongest states of India. Morbi Was ruled by many Kingdom. From Mughal Empire to Rajputs and Britishers. From Qutb-ud-din Aybak to Lakhdhirji Thakor.

Sir Waghjee Thakor

Sir Waghjee Thakor

But Morbi got it’s true shine in the era of Sir Waghjee Thakor and Lakhdhirji Thakor. After the death of Ravajiraj, In 1870, his son Waghjee Thakor became the King of Morbi. On that time Waghjee Thakor was just only 13.  So due to his young age, Britishers took the Control of Morbi. In 1879, After becoming eligible, He was announced the King of Morbi. From the very next day he started to increase the prosperity of Morbi Kingdom. He started to build, in 1886, Railway lines for the For the convenience of people and transportation. Not only transportation he built Schools, Colleges and Hospitals also.

After the death of Waghjee Thakor, Prince Lakhdhirji Thakor announced the King of Morbi. He also did remarkable job in the History of Morbi. In his time Electric powerhouse and Telephone exchange were built. He also built Temples, Technical High School and Engineering college. This college is now know as the name of ‘L.E.College’.

In 1947, India became independent and Morbi had been associated with the India.

So this was the talk of old Morbi and It’s kingdom. After that Modern Morbi come into existence. Morbi started to grow in all sides. Right now Morbi is the hub of the Ceramic and Wall clock industries. With near about 390 Ceramic and 150 Wall clocks industries, Morbi has it’s own special place among Indian Industries.

There are always some disasters associated with any city or place. Morbi was getting success over success. But suddenly it got two breaks over it. Yes Morbi has been survived from 2 biggest disasters. Even world has noticed these disasters. In 1979, Burst of Macchu – 2 Dam and in 2000, Biggest earthquake of Indian history.

Morbi Flood

Morbi is situated on the bank of Machchu River. Machchu Dam was built over the Machchu River for the convenience of Morbi people.

Relief work After Morbi Flood

Relief work After Morbi Flood

Morbi after Flood

Morbi after Flood

It was the day of 11 August, 1979. It was raining heavily since last 2 days. All work had been stopped due to heavy rain. People were enjoying the rain. Suddenly at 3:30 in the noon, one of the walls of Machchu Dam fall down and Game of the Death begun. Within 2 hours whole Morbi had been controlled by the water of Machchu River.

People with multi-storey building climbed up on the Top floor. But there were not such many buildings exist that time. Some unlucky people had been shielded in their house and couldn’t come out alive.

There were near about 12000 people died in this flood. Not only people but animals also…. Lots of hands of help came from around the world to survive the Morbi after this disaster. It took near about 3 years for Morbi to wake up form this disaster. And again started to work…

Earthquake January 2001

Nehru Gate after Earthquake

Nehru Gate after Earthquake

26th January 2001, India was celebrating it’s 52nd Republic Day. Suddenly a quake of 7.9 ruined some part of Gujarat. The center point of this earthquake was just 80 kms away from Morbi. This time old Morbi, inside area of Nehru Gate, had been affected more. Near about 250 died in this disaster. Most of Historical places dilapidated after this disaster.

This time also lots of help came from around the World. Even Rich citizens helped a lot this time. And now what…. a whole New Modern Morbi exist! But this help couldn’t save the old Historical places.

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  1. kanak says:


    i m searching some paintings of RAJA OF MORBI,
    from painting by Mr.Frank Brooks in 1903

    can u help me to find
    where i can see this paintings..?

    • Mehul Manek says:

      Actually all the stuffs you want is almost impossible to see without any political influence…if you have such kind of influence than you can definitely see those…You should go to see The NEW PALACE which was later build by king of morbi….Its said that the situation of this palace is as it was when King Family used to live there…..

  2. HAS says:

    It is pleasure to see a site about Morbi…

  3. Durgesh parmar says:

    Nice work who have done this. its been good experience to visit this site. but moderator should put some more picture and detail in history section.

  4. jadeja chandrasinh says:

    earthqwake january 2001

  5. HAS says:

    After seeing 1979 flood & 2001 earthquake pictures and than reading the story of Morbi’s wake up to the disasters and bounce back is really heart touching.
    An old film’s song is come to my mind,
    Aye Mere Pyare Watan, Aye Mere Bichhde Chaman Tujh Pe Dil Qurban…


    we r looking the site of morbi then me and my frnd mr.yograjsinh jadeja desid to search for mor images and other the mising history of morbi,and the last thing is we r proud to the people of the city of MAHARAJA SHREE WAGHJI THAKOR.

  7. HAS says:

    I advised all to visit Rajkot’s museum located at Jubilee Garden. There is a good collection of Rajwada of Saurashtra’s symbols, flags, Pagris or Mukuts, portraits, Tamrapatras, coins etc.

  8. Krupal says:

    Morbi is very lucky city for my family and the people of this city is very kind and always helpful.such a morbi is a gujrat’s paris

  9. Akhil Sahai says:

    On 11 th August 1979 at 03:00 we decided to see heavy flow of water in rive Matchchuu, we about come out of our house then we saw a sea of water climbing towards us, we de all together decided to reach Morbi Railway station as it was safe and gigantic, but within five minuts we saw some peoples were wiped away by the intense force of water. Then my mome decided to stay back in home in a order to have our dead bodies together for our reletives, it was horible. Within three hours Morbi become a graveyard, there were dead bodys of human and animals some of them were climbe on to third floor as well. Some how our railway quarters were able sustained in the mid of disater, all our food stuffs were marruned in water ,like rice,
    Maze,Atta. container of these stuff blasted like a boiler because of water.
    Next morning Morbi was under the cover of 1 foot soft mud, it was very difficult to walk in side the room
    Three days we were drinking rain water and some rice
    Fourth day Indian Army was able to enter in Morbi becouse of road blokage and debries.
    There were chance of sprading Malariya, Plage but we kept our self alive, Thanks my Mom and Papa and locals.

    Few days ago we were living like royal family because my father was indian railway officer but after the floods I was running behind the relief truks brae foot… what we see in Ethopiya now days..

    But today i am in Africa on a forigne mission of Indian Railways and I always slute the comunity of Gujrat for their support at the time of disater..

    That time i was around age of 10 but I can not forget this insidance

    Since then I do visit Morbi to refresh my memories

    I love to be back in Morbi

  10. padsumbiya rohit d. says:

    Morbi is very lucky city for my family and the people of this city is very kind and always helpful.such a morbi is a gujrat’s paris
    It is pleasure to see a site about Morbi…

  11. JIGAR SONI says:


  12. hitesh says:

    hello i m origanally from mumbai but my grand father and great grand father was also from mobri and he was a lawyer can you tel me from where i can get all the details of the lawyer from the year 1900 to 1970

    • sunil k. mehta says:

      i got many details about OLD LAWYER.because i am a GRANDSON of MORBI JUDGE.plz send ur fullfamily profile.I send more_maximum details.give me ur address…..Bye,,,.

  13. urvish says:

    i am in morbi for 23 years and i have not found any road being better,its getting werse,people getting rich but morbi becoming poor day by day.its shame.

    • Bharat says:

      Dear urvish
      I agree with you. But now we have to do this. please write to Mr Kanabhai(MLA), Mr Girishbhai pethapara(INDISTRALIST), Mohanbhai (MLA),Rajubhai(INDISTRALIST), Bechar mama ((INDISTRALIST), Vallabhbhai(INDISTRALIST),
      Thanks & regards

  14. kalpak says:

    wonderful site

  15. i am interested in the history of morbi. i am living in morbi ,so please help me for determine all the association of morbi

  16. morbi is good city in the education and in industrial growth but major problem is that the politicians of morbi are not good,They are selfish so

  17. HAS says:

    Dear Friends,

    11-08 is near…

    Don’t forget to pay your homage- Shradhanjli to Shahids of 1979 Honarat…

  18. HAS says:

    Dear Friends,
    Here is a poem describing Morbi’s heritage beautifully which was sent to me by a friend.

    Ame revasi…

    Ame revasi mayurpuri na tuku morbi nam,
    Green chowk na tower upar thi dekhay aakhu gam.

    Sohagan ni sethi jevi bazaar ekaj sarkhi,
    Pardesine pyari lage joi ne Uthe harkhi.

    Na kai unchu na kai nichu ek sarkhu tamam,
    Ame revasi… …

    Joi liyo aa mani mandir chhe, kala kruti no namuno,
    same khad khad machhu vaheti, jane sagar ghuno,
    ahi besi ne aam jano na thata niyay na kam.
    Ame revasi… …

    Maha mahopadhya sankarji no aashram chhe aa juno,
    Vir nanaji ahi suta chhe hato des bhakti no guno…

    • HAS says:

      ઉપરોક્ત કવિતા ગુજરાતી લિપિ માં:
      અમે રે’વાસી …

      અમે રે’વાસી મયૂરપુરી ના ટુકું મોરબી નામ,
      ગ્રીન ચોક ના ટાવર ઉપર થી દેખાય આખું ગામ.

      સોહાગણ ની સેથી જેવી બજાર એક જ સરખી,
      પરદેસીને પ્યારી લાગે જોઈ ને ઉઠે હરખી.

      ના કાઈ ઊંચું ના કાઈ નીચું એક સરખું તમામ,
      અમે રે’વાસી… …

      જોઈ લ્યો આ મણી મંદિર છે, કળા કૃતિ નો નમુનો,
      સામે ખડ ખડ મચ્છુ વહેતી, જાણે સાગર ઘૂનો,
      અહીં બેસી ને આમ જનો ના થાતા નિયાય ના કામ.
      અમે રે’વાસી… …

      મહા મહોપાધ્યાય શંકરજી નો આશ્રમ છે આ જૂનો,
      વીર નાનાજી અહીં સુતા છે હતો દેશ ભક્તિ નો ગુનો…

  19. devan sanghvi says:


    I am looking for my granfathers history , Mr.Pranlal Sanghvi for morbi gujarat, born 1920′s. will be grateful if you can help.

  20. Ravi Savsani says:

    Hi… frnds…?
    I am Ravi Savsani 4rm morbi
    I had given a presentation abt flood of morbi in L.D.COLLEGE – A’bad.
    I had collected many information from this site

  21. u gays are not help me out.

    a cuple of mont ago i send u one mail about morbi disaster details. but u will not give me a single reply.

    sorry for inconviniance


  22. kavi jalrup morbi says:

    macchu kanthe morbi
    morbi pase 1 gam
    vajepar jenu nam
    halta ne chalta
    yad rakho
    kavi jalrup maru name.

  23. Anil Dabhi says:

    Actual Meaning Of Morbi is That MOR = More B=Business & I=industries .


    Dear All,
    please help me,
    i want to listen 1 song wich is on MORBI like,



    Alpesh Sondarwa

  25. Rajiv says:

    Hello Friends,

    My grandfather was English teacher in V C Tech Highschool in 1950s.
    Many from his disciples have grown up them selves as reputed teachers, industrialist etc.
    I born and brought-up, studied graduated in Morbi.
    I witnessed 11-08-1979 machchu flood disaster,I was 10 years old,it can never be forgotten.
    One flood ruined the Morbo,so called “Peris of Saurashtra”.
    So many government and NGO, social organisations extended their help to the peopel of Morbi. Thanks to all of them.
    Since then Morbi has never looked back.
    Although I am now in Qatar, I can not forget Morbi.


    Rajiv Manvantray Gandhi

  26. Manoj Kumar Das says:

    I just took admission to LEC in Production Engg in ’79 and on 11th August the Dam burst. We were without food for 2 days, we took refuge on the terrace of Hill Hostel.

    Morbi was a dull city. Nothing to do except seeing old movies, sipping tea at Nataraj Hotel near our college. There was jethabhai’s ‘lachchi’- which tasted so good, I am still looking for a repeat taste. Our batch (Production) was jolly. DO Shah,(Software-Baroda) Mandeep Vakani (Software-Baroda), Bharat Patel (Isabgul-Palanpur), Dhimant Choksi (Consultant-USA), Bakul Joshi (RIP), Asit Misra, Biswaranjan Patnaik, Waghbhai,Asif Zikar Patel, Yatin Shukla (USA), Lakhlani, Mahendra Sinh Chudasama, Dipak Upadhyay (USA), Haren Amin, Amul Kharod (Canada), Gajerabhai, Mukesh Doshi, Mandaliya, Bhavsar..are some names I can recall. Other friends are Kirit Mehta, Manoj Doshi, Sunil J Oza, Jeevraj Pillai etc..who are in touch.

    Anybody who gets this comment may contact me.

    Manoj Kr Das
    0091 9910972654,

  27. MR. D.V.BHATT , C.ENGG PLANNER ( IIT ) says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am searching one of my good old friend from MORVI Gujrat.
    He was with me in I.I.T. Kharagpur, West Bengal .
    Kindly send me his Address and Tel. No. if possible.
    with Regards

    • HAS says:

      Try to find in “Facebook”. There are 75 crore peoples on it and it’s most likely that highly educated person like an engineer certainly on “Facebook”

    • Deepak Bhatt says:

      Hi Amitabha
      Now, 2011, I am settled in Toronto-canada and working as Senior Planner with the City of Pickering- suburb of Toronto.
      Please send me an e-mail at
      and I will write in details.
      Nice to hear from you.
      Deepak Bhatt, MCIP, RPP

  28. Mahendrasinh chudasama says:

    hay Das, where are you. this your old buddy mahendrasinh Chudasama. 31 years have gone we all 1979(first year morbi flood victim) production batch seperated. where are you. drop me mail mbchudas at eim dot ae.

  29. Mahendrasinh chudasama says:

    Thanks to this site, i could reach many of my class friends after 30years seperated from morbi. we had golden time of our life enjoyed in morbi during our L E College stay. our class mates are now spread all parts of world US, Europe, Middle East, Far East but still recalls those golden days spent hanging around ZULATA POOL and machho avenue.
    MahendraSinh Chudasama, Dubai

  30. alpesh kavar says:

    plz send me images of flood in morbi in 1979

  31. vijay patel says:

    hi frnds,
    how r u?
    i want a number of talati mantri of Tankara taluka of Morbi.

    plz send me sms on my no. if u have
    my no. is : 9377807711

    - vijay patel (, LLB)

  32. khush says:

    Hi…i’m khush chauhan…..!!!

    Morbi is the one of the great city i have ever seen….!!!
    people of the morbi has a great perception towards the life…!

    I Love Morbi…!!!
    i Did Bsc(chemistry)& “MBA” From Parul Institute of Managemant Vadodara…!!!

  33. Nikul says:

    Hello morbi na bhaiyo…

    I am from morbi and also want to get information about the 2 curse that given by someone.

    I listen that someone cursed that morbi will have two times time arrived and the reason of break dam is as a dark one can find reason.

    So what about curse?

    Waiting for your reply

  34. akshay says:

    i am filling verry sad when i think about that i never forgate a 11 august 1979

  35. HAS says:

    Here are 20 photos of Morbi Pur Honarat- 11/08/1979

    Some of it may be not suitable to view for children, be careful…

    Click below link to download…

  36. nm jadeja says:

    hi, i can help u see d very few paintings left out.

  37. santosh patel says:

    morbi rock$$$

  38. Aap ki kapni me supar vaijar ni jarur che to aa nabar par fon karo

  39. Kiritsinh Jadeja says:

    Re: Nikul Aug 13,11 inquiry about the curse of Morbi. I had heard of the curse when as a student at LE college in 60s.

    Time magzine (USA) article printed this curse when the floods wiped out most of Morbi:

    Morbi was established and developed by Maharaja Mayurdhvajsinh. That time the curse (by ???) was said to be given that this town will perish with a future Maharaja Mayurdhvajsinh. Maharaja Lakhdhirsinh’s grandson was named Mayurdhvajsinh. Someone reminded the royal family that it wont be an appropriate name because of the curse. However, reasoning to keep the name was that now he is not a Maharaja but a citizen and Morbi is a thriving city that cannot be destroyed. This ex-royal diesd at an young age of 21 in 1979, and so did the original city.

  40. Star says:


    The history of Morbi is really hear thouching. Also the developement is impressive but the city is not developed infrastructurally. Still the condition of roads are very poor. Mr. Bharat has mentioned that we need to do this and we have to write to below people:

    Mr Kanabhai(MLA), Mr Girishbhai pethapara(INDISTRALIST), Mohanbhai (MLA),Rajubhai(INDISTRALIST), Bechar mama ((INDISTRALIST), Vallabhbhai(INDISTRALIST),

    But I would like to mention here that these all are the stupid people. They wont do anyhting. Infrastructure developement is far beyond the capability and knowledge of these people. Some good educated person should be there in politics to do this. I know some of them might be educated but still I wont consider those as educated if they are not very well aware of the city condition.

    I am not agaist anyone. I am from Morbi only but can not ask someone to visit my native place because of very bad (UGLY) infrastracture.

    Ashvin Vyas

  41. M.G.Mohan says:

    iam a keraliet, but, for me Morvi was a home away from home for the period from 1993 to 2010. i ihave been worked with a shipping agency at Navlakhi Port and i was stayed at motihanuman deri sheri near Green chowk. iam happty to see a site for Morvi. i like Morvi & its people, are very good people.

    Presently, i am in Bangalore. thanks to all good people of Morvi.

  42. Bholo says:

    L.E.College is very bad… The Department of not work propely and Head of E.C. is Mr. Raghani is very Selfish. Raghani sir Hay Hay…

  43. jalpa devmurari says:

    it’s amazing…..but require more picture……

  44. HAS says:


    મોરબી પુર હોનારત(11-08-1979) વિષે એક બૂક બહાર પડી છે:

    “No One Had A Tongue To Speak” by Utpal Sandesara/Tom Wooten.
    જેની વધુ વિગત પર મળશે.

    આ બૂક ભારત માં અત્યારે,

    પર Pre- Order કરી શકાય છે.

  45. vinod says:

    me be 1979 me fas gaya tha.aur badme bal bal bach gaya tha (purhonarath me).

  46. HAS says:


    “No One Had A Tongue To Speak” by Utpal Sandesara/Tom Wooten.

    (મોરબી પુર હોનારત Dt. 11-08-1979 વિષે ની બૂક)

    આ બૂક ની release તારીખ થોડી લંબાઈ છે. July ની 3૦મી તારીખ ની આજુબાજુ

    release થશે. મેં order કરેલ છે. વાચ્યા પછી અભિપ્રાય આપી શકું. વધુ જાણવા

    ની મુલાકાત જરૂર લો.

  47. Yash Vyas says:

    I want to read more history of morbi flood..

  48. Bhupendra Rana says:

    Nice to get information about flood morbi has such a great history.

  49. HAS says:

    “No One Had A Tongue To Speak” આ બૂક મેં ખરીદીને વાંચી છે. આ બૂક ૧૯૭૯ પુર હોનારત ના ઘણા તથ્યો જેનાથી આપણે મોરબીવાસીઓ પણ અજાણ છીએ તેના ઉપર સંપૂર્ણ પ્રકાશ ફેંકે છે. બંધ તુટવા માટે ના કારણો તથા સંજોગો વિષે આમાં ખુબજ વિસ્તારપૂર્વક દર્શાવવા માં આવ્યું છે. પુર દરમ્યાન તથા પુર પછીની પરિસ્થિતિ, રાહત કાર્યો તેમજ મોરબી ફરી કેવી રીતે બેઠું થયું તે બધુંજ આ બૂક માં વિસ્તારપૂર્વક સમાવિષ્ટ કરવા માં આવ્યું છે. લેખકો એ કરેલી મહેનત કાબિલે- દાદ છે. તે કાલખંડ માં જીવેલા આપણે સહુ મોરબીવાસીઓ તેમજ નવી પેઢી માટે આ બૂક વાંચવી હું અનિવાર્ય ગણું છું.


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